Warren Buffett’s Stock Market Investment Advice

Warren Buffett seldom gives advice and he never tries to predict the stock market. So today's post shares a rare moment where Warren Buffett simply tells it like it is: how to make money from the stock market in a simple, straightforward fashion and especially if you are new to investing or short of time: https://youtu.be/yk94tI_2QOY Here's a transcript: The average person will not know which stocks to buy. They won't know enough when to buy them. But they don't have to because they Continue Reading

Southwest Airlines (NYSE: LUV) Gross Margin % v Oil Price: Is There A Correlation?

In a series of posts that sprang from Warren Buffett’s latest 13F filing I have responded to two questions on social media regarding the improved fortunes of Southwest Airlines (NYSE: LUV): @djthomas would be interesting to post your GM% improvement for LUV against oil prices to see how much correlation there is. Bet it’s a […]

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Has New Tech Been Responsible For The Improved Profitability Of Airlines?

Listed airlines

In a post called As Warren Buffett Dumps Retailers And Loads Up On Airlines I took a fleeting look at the improving economics leading to much improved ROIC of listed airlines as a possible reason why Buffett would have bought stock in an industry that he has traditionally shunned throughout his investing career. It has […]

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Zero Hedge Lays Bare The Lunacy and Falsehood of US GDP (Whilst I Blame Greedy Pig Financial Banksters)

Financial gangsters

It’s not just the writers at Zero Hedge who have been covering the lunacy and falsehood that is US GDP this but their article last week claimed that it took $4 in new debt to create just $1 in GDP for 2016. Zero Hedge also relate another shocking aspect of the US economy: it is now at […]

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As Warren Buffett Dumps Retailers And Loads Up On Airlines


Walmart went. American, Delta, United and Southwest are in. The consensus among those who analyse Buffett’s every move reckon it’s the drop in oil prices and industry changes that have allowed airlines to generate higher returns than they have previously. In my humble opinion out of the four airlines, Southwest Airlines has shown the steadiest […]

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Why Mainstream Financial News Can Misalign Your Investment Framework

Financial News

Today a BBC Business News article proudly states that ‘Retail Sales Fall Unexpectedly In January‘. The Beeb cite a report by the ONS again released today showing retail sales volumes dropping by 0.3% as compared with the previous month, well below the 0.9% expected rise. I don’t know if it’s the way mainstream financial writers […]

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How I’m Achieving An 8.8% Annualised Return On A Set And Forget Investment

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One of the alternative investments I made late last year which does not form part of the Thomas Value Report model portfolio has over the last three months returned 8.8% annualised. This is a higher rate of return than I had initially expected from the marketing literature and my desk research so I’m chuffed with […]

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Two FTSE 100 Stocks That Are Unpopular With The Market


British Telecom (LSE: BT.A) this week announced that it will now have a two-year period of results which will be affected by the accounting scandal in its Italian unit. An independent review by KPMG found that: These actions have resulted in the overstatement of earnings in our Italian business over a number of years This […]

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How I’m Growing My Retirement Fund With Low-Cost Value Investing

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So towards the end of last year whilst digging through some old paperwork I came across an old private pension. On closer inspection I found that it was well over 10 years old and had returned 5% annualised which includes ad-hoc contributions I’d made years earlier. 5% annualised is less than some index trackers I’ve […]

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