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Meet me at The Bloggers Cafe at The UK Investor Show 2014. (Details here.)

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I Think The Gold Markets Have Bottomed. I Think They Bottomed Last Summer.

I think the gold markets have bottomed. I think they bottomed last summer So says Rick Rule, the best-known natural resource investor in the world last month. There is some room on the individual balance sheets after four years of deleveraging, which means that we are seeing a bit of pick up in consumer spending. But […]

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Is The Tesco Share Price Decline A Green Light To Load Up?

From the mailbag, Paul writes: “I have to ask David, what are your thoughts on Tesco? Lost 1/3rd of market cap in a short time and now a forward yield of 6%. It is still a market leader and surely makes enough cash to turn the decline around, though admittedly it is a but like […]

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What Are CFD’s?

Together with the weekly share tip I mentioned the use of CFD’s (and spread betting) in yesterday’s free edition of The Value Investor Report as a means by which private investors could short a main market index when the correction does finally arrive. Here’s what I said: To be on the safe side I’ve started to look […]

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